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Works like a Kangen.  This machine is amazing and hope to get many years out of it. It is very easy to use. If you don't know the benefits of a electrolyzing, purifying and alkalyzing machine I suggest you find out...!!!  - Jeremy S.

I see good changes in my health using the New Cell.  About a year ago I was told by a vascular dr that I needed 3 surgeries because I had blockages inthree parts of my legs causing only 48% blood flow in my rt leg and 68% in my left.  I went for IV chelation, 32 of them but I still have had excruciating pain when walking because the muscles got hard as rocks. I tried to walk inspite of the pain.  I had to walk very slowly and had to stop often because the stonelike muscles. I would wait until the muscles got soft, and I would continue walking.  Well, you should see me now.  Yesterday I did one lap of the inside mall with NO pain--walking rapidly (I am 67 yrs old).  Today I did two laps of the Mall, walking rapidly, with minimal pain.  OH, AM I THANKFUL!
Then today I received the results of my blood test from the lab test.  I ate 3 million calories WITH LOADS OF SUGAR AND CARBS over the holidays and my AIC came DOWN.  Can you imagine??
So, I am so thankful for my New Cell!!!
  - Janet S

We are loving our maching, so are my parents My parents said.. they don't think they have ever had such great tasting water. I agree- Love how it makes our body feel!!   - Damaris C