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Wellness Pro Machine
Wellness Pro Electrotherapy / Frequency Generator Machine offers 1 million frequencies and is FDA Cleared to treat pain.

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Description Specifications
The Wellness Pro Bio Electrotherapy unit combines decades of research and is the only unit of its kind on the market to go through the most rigorous laboratory tests for safety, accuracy and precision, receiving ISO, CE, ETL, UL and IEC marks. It has been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of pain. Each unit is small enough to hold in your hand, yet stores hundreds of finely tuned frequencies that can be activated at the touch of a button

Years ahead of any other frequency unit on market, this breakthrough “deep pulse” technology has the largest array of frequency and variable therapeutic features and has generated incredible results for users around the globe with health issues. The Wellness Pro uses Micro Electro Current Stimulation in the treatment of pain and various diseased conditions. At the first sign of any health imbalance or discomfort, our own NewCell employees rely heavily on this amazing, all-in-one wellness machine for fast and effective relief.

TENS and the Wellness Pro:

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It works by attaching sticky electrodes on the skin near the area of pain. When the Wellness Pro’s TENS unit is turned on, it delivers a gentle current through the electrodes to the skin and tissues underneath it. The electrodes are easy to apply to the skin and can be worn during many activities.

How the TENS Unit Works:
TENS is thought to disrupt pain cycles by delivering a varied, non-painful sensation to the skin around the site of pain. The electrical stimulation delivered by a TENS unit can trigger the body to release endorphins, which act as natural painkillers and help promote a feeling of wellbeing.

Pain suffers of any kind can benefit from using the TENS unit on the Wellness Pro. These include, but is not limited to, people with chronic back pain, acute sports injuries, muscle soreness, arthritis pain and more. (The Wellness Pro allows you to choose from 1000 auto pain codes.)

Rife Frequency Generator and the Wellness Pro

Rife frequency generators use bio-frequencies to influence the body to make positive chemical changes. It is believed that frequencies can be generated to stimulate organ function or physically vibrate offending bacteria, viruses and parasites, resulting in their elimination from the body.

Modern Energetic Medicine practitioners help their patients to correct low cellular voltage or frequencies in order to reverse chronic disease and conditions that Western Medicine is unable to resolve. In the 1990's cellular physicist, Hulda Clark PhD, identified unique bio-frequencies generated by many parasites and bacteria that she found inside our bodies. Her work helped to further support the validity of this alternative health science.

People suffering from any kind of ailment can benefit from using the frequency codes on the Wellness Pro and there are over a million different frequencies to choose from! For many families and health conscious individuals, it’s their “go to” solution for just about everything health related- kind of like a versatile, modern day "first aid kit". (Some people even use it for prevention.)
What makes WellnessPro the #1 choice of health care professionals worldwide?
  • Easiest to use on the market
  • FDA 510(k) cleared for pain and cleared to market
  • New "Deep Pulse" technology for deeper frequency delivery to problem areas
  • No more confusing charts, tables or channels
  • The "Quick Start Chart" allows you to begin using the unit as soon as you open the package
  • Forgot how to use your unit? The Built in "i-Guide"
  • Prompt system walks you through all steps of usage and programming
  • Digital Intensity controls
  • Ergonomic design with fully custom programmable functions for simple or advanced use
  • Select your own frequencies- 1 Million to choose from!
  • Select any combination of the five wave types such as Burst, Spectrum, Sweep, Duplex or Continuous.
  • Create your own auto code programs.
  • 1000 auto codes to choose from

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