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TGI‐Pro and Accessory Pack Brain Wave Device
NewCell TGI-Pro

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Our Price: $377.00

Product Code: NCTGI
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Discover Your Inner Genius!  "Imagine having the power at your fingertips to pick and choose the mindset you want just like flipping a switch and achieve your optimum mental state in only a matter of minutes!"

"It’s like an MP3 Player for the Brain!"

“Being In The Zone” – 12 Track Brainwave/Mindset Program Series – What “Zone” Do You Choose to Be in Today? YOU GET ALL TWELVE!:

Creativity, Productivity, Imagination, Focus, Relaxation, Health and Healing, Communication, Genius, Action, Super Learning, Harmony and Balance, Cash Flow / Wealth

Here’s what you’re going to get: 1 TGI‐Pro and Accessory Pack (TGI System, Surround Headphones and Light‐Sync Glasses, $599 Retail) All 12 “Being In The Zone” Programs ‐‐ (Reg. Price $29.95 each, over $359 value) Plus… Five Bonus Tracks ($149.75 value) **That’s over $1107 in Total Value…yours for ONLY $377

What is the TGI‐Pro?

The TGI‐Pro is a combination of cutting‐edge sound technology synchronized and blended with light therapy. The system adds this technology to recorded voice and music pieces that we call Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI) processes. This allows you to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain to the proper brainwave frequency for particular mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual states.

The TGI‐Pro allows you to quickly move into high states of awareness and focus, super‐learning states, or even deep states of meditation, simply by putting on a pair of cool‐looking sunglasses and some great‐sounding headphones, as you listen to specially‐designed, patent‐pending content‐filled programs with specially designed music and sound technologies, while soft, relaxing blue LED lights flash comfortably behind your closed eyelids.

That’s it…in just a few minutes you can reach the necessary brainwave state to function at very high levels, using a simple, relaxing, enjoyable process. Just put it on, kick back and relax for 20 minutes and “poof” ‐‐ almost like magic (but it’s actually technology), you’re there!
It’s like an “MP3 Player for the Brain” — a “plug and play” system to put you in the right mindset you need for virtually any situation, from education to relaxation…from meditation to peak performance…it’s all right at your fingertips.

Just pick your program, put on the glasses and headphones and you’re off to your own personal adventure into the inner landscapes of your mind.
Increase your focus and productivity? Enhance your memory? Reduce your stress? Tap into your inner wealth consciousness? Expand your imagination and genius?

There are hundreds of programs available for all this and many more…with new programs being released every week. Once you get plugged in and start using the TGI‐Pro for yourself we’ll show you how you can get access to the entire library that includes everything from stress reduction to weight loss to pain management to improving your golf or tennis game…almost anything you can imagine.

Look what people are saying:

“I recently had a wonderful experience with your ‘Zone of Productivity’ program that started with the clear realization that I can actually achieve different ‘zones’ or mental states. Prior to experiencing the Productivity program, I had been caught in a cycle of unproductive time and procrastination. After using the program only one time, I was able to accomplish more in the following three days than I had in the previous three weeks. I no longer felt overwhelmed by having multiple tasks that all needed to be completed. I increased my awareness, prioritized what needed to be completed first, recognized when I was getting distracted and then brought myself back to focused and productive action. I look forward to continuing to work with these powerful programs.”
~ Jean Fournier – Lake Tahoe, California

“For several years I have been on a path to fulfill my life purpose and something has always been missing. After listening to Jeffrey Howard’s tracks on “Being in the Zone ,” I have found the missing link to creating the right head space for success. I now know nothing is going to stop me from realizing my dreams, and I’m well on my way. My husband listened to Suzy Prudden’s tracks: Eliminating Pain and Discomfort, and Unlocking the Door to Your Mental Pharmacy and the tooth pain he was experiencing decreased by 90%. The next day he had dental surgery with no anxiety, and the pain he was told he would experience was not there. The pain track worked so well for him, that I tried it on my 86 year old mother for a headache and her pain was gone in less than 12 minutes!”
~Andrea Marshall, RN, BSN – Tigard, Oregon

“I'm not sure what I would do without it. I was waking up frequently in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep... I'd be so mad watching the hours, one after the other, click by not being able to sleep. It would make it so difficult to have a good and productive day the next day - I kind of felt in a daze. Once I had the brainwave technology device, I use it to go to sleep with every night and it has been amazing. I rarely wake up, unless it's to make a quick trip to the bathroom and fall back to sleep. If I do wake up and start watching the clock again, all I have to do it listen to another track and I'm out like a light. Literally. It's that beneficial. I've been using this technology for more than a year now and really can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who has trouble sleeping, getting to sleep, or getting back to sleep once they've woken up. Can't wait to see the new TGI device and give that a try, being able to control individual features! Thank you so much for bringing this into my life!” ~Beth D
  • Choose your “Zone” just like flipping a switch and go there!
  • More rapidly learn and retain complex information
  • Increase your memory
  • Dramatically reduce your stress levels
  • Increase your focus and attention
  • Reach deeper states of meditation
  • Fall into a state of deep sleep ‐ sleep through the night
  • Reduce or eliminate food cravings, addictions, and other bad habits that no longer support you
  • And much more...

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