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Portable Water Ionizer

Reap The Health Benefits Of Alkaline Ionized Water Today!

Usher in a revolutionary new way to experience water and enjoy increased health with the advent of new alkaline ionized water. With the help of alkaline water ionizers, your water can now be healthier than you ever thought possible. When you begin drinking this newly revitalized water, you will be able to experience all of the ionized water benefits that are readily available to you. A known liquid antioxidant, it can decrease the presence of free radicals occurring in the blood. In addition, alkaline antioxidant water machines can bring you revitalized health through their powerful bacteria fighting properties. Strains of bacteria such as E. Coli and Staphylococcus aureus are no match for the acidic water setting on our electric alkaline ionized water machines.

Another health benefit you can realize from drinking alkaline iodized water is a more balanced pH level. A balanced pH helps to naturally correct any acid or alkaline imbalances you may be unaware of. You will also be more hydrated after drinking alkaline ionized water, as it is up to five times more hydrating than conventional and filtered water. Enjoying increased health from something you consume every day is the most optimal benefit of all.

Portable Options Offer Convenience And Affordability

Now, with the release of portable alkaline water ionizers, you can enjoy healthy water anywhere and at any time. You can choose from a portable alkaline ionizer stick, a steel alkaline pod or an alkaline pocket, which allows you to have fresh and healthy ionized water at all times. These portable units are our most affordable options and they allow you to enjoy ionized water benefits on any budget. Place your order today or contact us by calling 1(888) 624-2221.